Mizuno Corporation is a Japanese sports equipment and sportswear company founded by Rihachi Mizuno in Osaka in 1906. Its motto has been and still is: To create the best products for customers. Although Mizuno Corporation is involved in the production of various sports equipment, they are best known for their high-quality running footwear and apparel.


Mizuno running shoes are designed for professional athletes and recreational runners who demand the highest quality. Their dedication and desire for continuous development enable them to create technically advanced products, characterized by sports functionality.


Considering the variation among runners, Mizuno’s development team has created multiple shoe models, allowing each runner to find the one that suits them best. The fundamental principle for the experts was to create a high-quality product that enables both elite and recreational athletes to move unhindered to the limits of their abilities while minimizing the risk of injuries. Despite the differences among runners, they share some fundamental characteristics: body weight, foot shape, walking and running style, training and competition intensity, and frequency. Based on these parameters, you can choose the best running footwear with our expert guidance, facilitating your journey to success.